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Our Advertising Philosophy

Often times people are initially skeptical about our method of advertising. They just don't understand how a company can afford to give away such great gifts to everyone that attends one of our showcases if there's no purchase required.

At Associated Consultants, we forgo more traditional methods of advertising, such as television commercials, newspaper ads, and typical magazine ads, and spend our advertising budget on these gifts. We feel that our products need to be witnessed to be fully appreciated. Our products are not available in stores, and our cookware performs in such a way that you've got to see it to believe it.

We understand that time is a very precious commodity, and we believe that the people who attend our showcases should be adequately compensated. We feel that the gifts we offer each couple are a very fair way of saying "thank you for your time," regardless of whether or not they choose to make a purchase. Our products are of such high quality, and perform so well that many couples choose to make a purchase, although none is required.

Since we don't control who becomes impressed with what they see and who doesn't, there is absolutely no high pressure selling at our showcases. We concentrate on entertaining you while you're with us, and we let the products speak for themselves. Everyone is guaranteed the gifts just for attending our showcase.

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